8 04 2013

Sometimes we beg God
for answers.
For clues.
For healing.
For justice.
For help.
For grace.
For love.

For a whole lot of things.
Sometimes we hear
sometimes we don’t.
Sometimes we’re too busy
doing all the talking.
And sometimes we just

The last 9 days were tough.
But good.
A lot of opening up,
a lot of honesty being
thrown out there.
A lot of love being poured in
a lot of grace being given.
A lot of joy pouring out
and a lot of Jesus
meeting up with us.

I’m choosing
to remember.
Even though I’ve failed
a billion times
since I’ve been home less than 10 hours,
and it’s painful,
I’m choosing to look
past the cracks of
my brokenness,
and remember that Jesus is

The battle has begun,
as always,
and I will choose to
stand up and fight,
even though I feel like
it is pretty close to
impossible at this point,
I will choose Him.
I’m gonna screw up
a lot,
but I’m ready to fight
to understand grace,
truly understand it in my life……





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