For those hard days.

5 03 2013

And I speak love to you
dear child
looking for nothing but
You won’t find it
on the outside.
It is all hidden within;
rooted deep into
the core of your existence
waiting to be unlocked
and found.

And I speak peace to you
racing mind.
With complicated thoughts
never ending.
With ‘what-ifs’
always replaying…

And I speak joy to you
dear heart.
Remember the good
and choose your focus.
Find those happy moments
allow your genuine smile to
find its way back
on your sweet face.

And I speak confidence to you
young lady.
That the gifts you were given
will blossom its unspeakable
And that you would realize
how much greater
you are than you
That you would carry yourself
strong and
walk humbly.

And I speak beauty to you
dear woman.
Oh how you lacked in
the figure of what a woman
truly is.
Pave your own path,
and do not worry if
it is wrong or right,
for all women,
we are all the same
and so intricately different….





2 responses

5 03 2013


5 03 2013

Thanks :) I don’t know where it came from. I literally sat down and within 4 mins was done… I suppose it was a deep soul longing….

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