28 02 2013

I was looking through some old pics on my phone. And as I look at them, so many things coming flooding into my mind. So, I have decided to just get my brain working again in the writing prompt department. I am not the greatest writer, but I sometimes enjoy it. So I’ll post a picture and just write a little bit about what I think when I see the photo. I can already tell you, I love trees, the sky and the contrast of light and dark. I am sure I will write a lot about those photos, because I have so many.


IMG_0629  IMG_0627


This. ^

I miss this. So much. This is a couple from my last church who is absolutely amazing. They are in their 60’s. Nine children, 14 grandchildren. They were missionaries in Mexico for a long time. They have a fabulous world view and are so wise. They’re intentional about discipleship and breaking down to the heart of the matter. Even though I don’t always agree, there is this deep love and connection I have with them. I love discussing life, and listening to their stories of their own struggles and pain, but always always always seeing and remembering the goodness of the Lord. Their deepest desires are to live a life that glorifies the Lord in all they do. They live a simple life, constantly in motion with others and living deeply in the heart of fellowship. I miss walks and talks and coffee dates and buying plants with them. I miss how many questions they ask that I get a little overwhelmed. I miss their eyes that overflow with compassion and make me know I’m safe with them when I speak. Whether I speak out against things or am in agreement. The church needs more of these people. The older ones bringing in the younger ones under their wings and teaching and loving them as we learn and live through our own stories. Their wisdom is priceless and I miss them.




2 responses

1 03 2013

How in the world did you take those pics without getting your own shadow in the frame?

On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 1:42 PM, Talitha Koum

1 03 2013

I am in them. :) I was walking once that day with each of them, and took a photo both times. hahah.

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