28 01 2013

Sometimes life is deep.
Sometimes you gotta dig
and keep digging,
and you still don’t
realize the depth that our
lives withhold.

as the snow melts
and turns its pure
white into
yucky slosh,
my soul kind of
feels like it is doing
the same.

I have a friend
who has been fighting
cancer for a while,
and this battle isn’t
looking so great.
I won’t claim she’s
one of my best friends
and that we know
everything about each other.

But she’s a friend.
She’s a soul,
a beautiful one at that.
A strong soul that has been
fighting and has
stood strong for so long.
And we know no timing,
but heaven is become a bit
clearer and nearer to her.
And I rejoice in that fact.
That she will be able
to step to the other side
a bit earlier than I.
That all her questions and
doubts will one day
be understood and
she will be absolutely

My heart hurts today,
and I didn’t realize
at what depth we can
experience emotions.
And this is a new one for me.
But I don’t doubt God
like many may do.
I don’t necessarily ask why
(at least yet)
and not that it’s wrong if
you do.
My thoughts and feelings
aren’t fully formed clearly

I don’t know.
Today I’m just sad
for her and the ones
who are so close to her
and have been walking
this long journey for  a




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