22 01 2013

The last three weeks have been
a semi- of a whirlwind.
Flying to Mississippi
for 8 days with the fam,
which was kind of
insane 5 babes,
under the age of 3
all off schedule
and wanting their mamas.
It was more chaos
for my mind that I would
have liked,
but still good.
I prefer one family
at a time.

Then after a week home,
we turned around
back on the planes
(did you know for the
world traveler that I am,
I hate flying…)
and flew home to Texas.
Four days of driving
It was a whirlwind.
My Wanny (gma) died.
We weren’t close,
but that moment when
I hear of death…
It always makes me sad.
Especially if I knew of
the person.
I’ve only lost one person
I was semi-close with.
It wasn’t real at the viewing.
She just looked like she was
All white-haired wisdom
and beautiful.
But when we sang
“Swing low, sweet chariot…”
the tears started rollin’.
As all the children,
and the great grandchildren
walked by the casket,
and put our flower
on the casket before it
was laid to rest….
well then it became real.

It is a natural part of life.
But always so sad when we
experience death.
But she was a Jesus lovin’ lady.
So I have no doubt where
she is now.
And I don’t say that to just
feel better like a fairy-tale.
I believe it.
So there’s been a lot
of interesting thinking
going on in my mind these days.





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