8 01 2013

“Remembering is like
bringing revival
to your own heart.”

I heard this once
and have yet to forget it.
It comes to mind often
and I strongly believe
in these words.

“… then Samuel took a stone
and set it up between Mizpah
and Shen and called its
name Ebenezer. For he said,
’till now the Lord has
helped us.’ So the Phillistines
were subdued and did not
again enter the territory of
Isreal. And the hand of the
Lord was against the Philistines
all the days of Samuel.”
I Samuel 7:12-13

If I remember,
Samuel set up this stone
at the alter so that the
people could remember the
work the Lord had done
in their lives.
(and I could be totally
wrong on this)

I have set up many
alters in my life.
Clearly seeing the
hand of God.
And now remembering
those times,
a fire begins to burn.
A desire to lean in
a little closer to Jesus.
A reminder of His peace
when I’m with Him
and trusting in Him and
looking for His hand in
my life to cling to.
And today,
I remember the alter I
built a few years
after I started college.
And that alter was this:

‘And remember, He who
began a work in you,
will Himself bring to
completion on the day
of Jesus Christ.”
Phil 1:6

So on all those days
and moments
when I think this is it.
This is the highlight
of my life,
it’s over.
Or when I think that
I’m nothing but
That I have absolutely
nothing good to offer
I will remember this
these words of life.
Saying no,
No I DO have things
to offer,
and I am not yet
finished. I am
still being molded and
being built
and going through
and that is okay.

And I will continue on…





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