8 01 2013

I am sitting in my room…
doing nothing.
And then the song
‘How He Loves Us’
came on.
And just like that my wheels
My heart stirs and wants to
believe it,
and when I’m about to grab
that truth and stick it
in my heart like a pocket,
this other voice comes in
“This song isn’t biblical
this is a bad song.”

And that is why I am
One truth a day.
I want to pick one truth a day,
and write it out in my
and do something creative
with it.
Or maybe not the creative part,
but if I can think of something
then yes.

So stick it old church.
That song IS Biblical;
I’m pretty sure Jesus dying
on a freaking cross
was definitely showing how
much He freaking loves me.
And He IS freaking jealous for me!




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