2 01 2013

Every year I choose a new word
to focus on.
Something to help keep
My perspective in check.
I tend to forget my word
but keeping a mason jar is
a new addition to my word.
Being able I write down a
moment that used my word
in my life,
and to look back on is cool.

This year I choose the word Create.
The last several months
I’ve been challenged to create things.
I was commissioned my first painting
For $150
My friend saw a random painting
and immediately asked for one.
He offered to pay,
and I answered with a hesitant
And with this 4 ft painting
I’ve been challenged to believe
something creative is
inside if me…
Never been able to fully find that
wire or spark,
I want to focus on that area
this year.
Whether its things I create
and share
or give away for free
or get paid
or never even show anyone,
I just want to create
and use this creativity
to guide me back to the basics
in my faith.
He is The Creator of all.
What He creates is all beautiful,
Breathe-taking and detailed.

I want this journey of creating
To bring me back to Him.
To remember His love in creating
all things.
To remember His love in creating
me and being okay with
how I’m wired and how I think.

I want to create to help find myself
but to also find my way
back to His heart….




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