27 12 2012

I rarely do ‘new years resolutions’
or anything of that sort.
I’m not really into setting
myself up for failure.
I know things I can and cannot
I tend to forget them within a week

Last year on Dec. 4
I decided to give up meat (and cokes).
And that made a monumental
dent in my life
in a very positive way.
Meat was super hard to give up,
but… well I am a pescatarian
as they call it.
I eat some fish.
I hated fish before I gave up meat,
but I suppose my body
needed it.

This year,
well on January 4
I am giving up most sweets.
Not ‘sugar’ because
that just seems too silly
and impossible.
But you know,
friggin’ ice cream….
Oh how I might die
without ice cream…
but I am keeping my
and smoothie drinks
for my runs.
But those big kinds
of sweets.

I am excited for this challenge.
Giving up meat was hello-hard
for this meat-eating southern gal,
and I love me a hardy-steak
but… eh.
Not so bad without it.
And I think it’s time to begin
the purging of my life.
Getting rid of the junk,
and taking in the good sweets
like more fruits and veggies
which I already love.

as I leave Friday to
be with the family
and pig out on awesome
sweet foods,
I will enjoy and savor those bites
and I will gladly be ready
for a new lifestyle of no sweets.

*cheers to the challenge of twenty-thirteen.




2 responses

27 12 2012

Why? What is the goal? What is the benefit you hope to obtain? I do not mean to discourage you but rather encourage you to know why you are doing this challenge and to figure out if you are possibly focusing your energies on something easier rather than on something else which might be more difficult but also more necessary.

28 12 2012

No other challenges really come to mind. :) I’m doing this because it was an awesome change leaving the meat-world. Now this is another step in a healthier way of living. When it comes to food, I have to do more extreme things to set a foundation… then I can go back to doing things in a more balanced way I guess. :)

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