8 12 2012

I am not a winter person.
The whole month of December
just isn’t my thing.
I simply look forward to January.
The beginning of something new.

December is usually a quiet month
for me,
as what seems like,
the rest of the world goes nuts.
Spending lots,
going crazy busy with schedules
etc etc.

I on the other hand,
decide to hibernate.
I fill my days laying in bed
reading books,
being alone
and quieting my heart.
I am very much a person
who needs people.
I need community,
it gives me energy.
But I usually fight it
during the winter months.
It’s complicated.
I struggle deeply with winter,
but one thing that I love….
the trees.

I will blog all the time
about trees.
I am obsessed about trees.
I love everything about them.

As fall ends,
there’s a beauty that is
intertwined in that death.
The beauty of the leaves turning,
and watching as they slowly fall.

And then they’re bare.
Naked for all to see.
did you know….
that trees grow their strongest roots
during those long winters.
It looks like nothing is happening,
and that they are just plain trees,
struggling to survive a winter.
But in reality they’re growing.
They grow strongest during
the hardest time of year.

And to me,
that speaks mountains.
It speaks hope.
It speaks truth.
It brings a new life to my heart.
So as I hide away,
(needing community)
know that for some reason,
I am being wooed by the Creator.
I am trying to find that love again.
I am trying to strengthen my heart
and faith in The One
who can give me that.

I am not all lost….





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