Get up.

6 12 2012

There is something that happens
when pride comes
before the fall….
there is freedom that comes

A freedom in knowing
A freedom in knowing as always

And because of this fall,
this mess up
these mistakes…
I know I can’t do it on my own.
Even when I was only trying
to make the wrong things right.
But I was doing it on my own.
And it causes so much more pain
than it should have.

And if only for this moment,
I am reminded…
it’s okay.
I need people.
I need community.
I need love.
I need guidance.
I need affirmation.
I need to trust.

But before all of that…

I need Jesus.
Desperately need Jesus.

Talitha Koum…. talitha koum…

Little girl,
I say to you,
get up.
Get up.
Take my hand,
I’ve got you.
I know you.
Through and through,
better than anyone else.
And I can love you better
than anyone else.
I can give you all that you search for
all that your heart of holes
longs to fill….
Just get up again,
and lets move forward.
It won’t be easy,
there is a mess to clean up,
but with me you can.
And with others,
you can.
Just trust me….
You know my voice,
now listen.
Lean in a little closer,
and remember…
remember my love,
remember all that I have taught you,
and let go of
all that is confusing.
You know truth,
now seek it
and run with it….

Talitha Koum…. talitha koum…

I say to you
get up
again and again
and again and again….

‘remember: it doesn’t matter if you fall down seven times,
as long as you remember to get up eight.”





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6 12 2012


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