30 11 2012

I have decided I want to do
family dinners once a week.

Gathering at a table
and par-taking in a part
of an essential part of life
that seems to be a struggle for me.

It is good for me on
so many levels.

I want to be intentional
with family.
Intentional to get to know them
and their dreams
and heart beats
and heart aches and pains
and desires and quirks.

We just ask different questions.

Tonight we shared three things
that we love about each person.
Three things for Bella.
Three things for Ryan.
Three things for Adrienne.
And three things for me.

Sometimes it is good to be reminded
of the good we all carry within.
It can quickly get lost
and carried away from our minds
with the chaos of all the things we mess up
and focus on.

Maybe that is a good thing to share
around your family dinner table some time…..




One response

30 11 2012

Ahhh, family. It’s from where so many of our issues come. And like those issues, family never seems to go away. Yet, just as often, it’s family who knows us best. It’s family who won’t leave us. It’s family who is best able to help us deal with those issues.

Thank God we have so many different family members. Buon appetito!

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