14 11 2012

I wish I didn’t step on toes.
I wish I wasn’t so intense.
I wish I wasn’t looked over.
I wish I was a bit more bold.
I wish I knew who the hell I am.
I wish you could see my true heart.
I wish you could see the reality of my pain.
I’m glad I step on toes.
I’m glad I’m so intense.
I’m glad I am overlooked.
Sometimes I do become bold.
I do see glimpses of who I am.
I think people might see my heart?
I think people can kind of see my pain.

I like parts of me,
but overall,
I hate who I am
and how I am built.
It seems impossible to change me.
A lot of it is how God wired me,
or I think it.
I wish I had better character
and wasn’t always such a bitch.
And I’m working on those things,

Oh well.




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