One Year.

10 11 2012

And after one year,
I am ready.
I know you’ve been waiting.
For 24 years.
You probably did not realize it
all those years,
but the last several you have.

And I have settled in.
I have made a little groove here,
in this little mess of a town.
And I’m ready to open
my heart to you.
I am ready to show you the mess
and the things you don’t know.

I am ready for our friendship
to take a step deeper,
as deep calls to deep they say.
We are sisters you know,
and I’m so sorry it has taken the
baby sister so long
to really hold that title near and
dear to her heart.
But as the baby’s always get,
we tend to be given the most grace.
It is sort of a natural way of living
I suppose.

So I thank you;
The Oldest and
I also thank The Middle;
our pillar,
for holding me close all these years,
even as I pushed and ran away.

But new suns are rising,
and new seasons blooming.
As family remains constant
as all else fades and changes around us,
I am beginning to see it more
and more clearly.

That is,
what family is all about.
Through thick and thin.

Family is about
little brown bowls
with melted ice cream
being stirred and stirred
as long as possible
to listen to every word
of your crazy stories.
Family is little brothers
running through the house
naked during parent bible studies.
Family is big brothers always
being our tribe leader
Family is ‘lan-ding p-ads’.
Family is gum stuck in our hair.
Family is always always stealing
clothes and things from sisters.
Family is secretly putting back
mom’s ‘creations’ or putting them
under the table, hidden in napkins.
Family is passing out when your
big brother tries his new ‘WWF’ moves
on the little sister.
Family is telling the baby sister
not to pee on the toilet during a storm,
or she will be electrocuted.
Family is taking the oldest to the front
yard and beating her up and leaving her
there on the day she leaves for college-
the first to venture out into the ‘real world’
away from our crazy-ass nest.
Family is stitching our stories
closer and closer together….
even as some of the stitches come undone
and change the story a bit.

We still are the creators
and authors of our lives
as they continue to play out
from here to there.

I love you and the
family that you are building.
Thank you for letting me be a
witness and a roommate.
A sister, and a babysitter.
An Auntie and just being me.
Even though it has been
hard for all of us
on our different journeys…
Our journeys will merge together,
for such a time as this…

And that,
that is a privilege  that
only sisters can have.

I love you more and more,
and you;
The oldest and most
adventurous of us three,
You are absolutely beautiful.
I see what others do not,
and I know what they do not.
And one day,
there will be a time that comes,
that you will speak,
and your voice will be heard.
Just as He told us tonight,
I believe in that day for you.
And I believe in your voice.
I believe in your stories
and your travels
and I believe in that
heart that holds so many
precious people and memories
and cultures and adventures
and heartaches and love.

I love you dearly,
and am happy for
this season that has finally come.
Where our hearts mend together,
deeper than we would
ever be able to imagine.

*Cheers to a new season
of getting to know each other,
and to love each other
as sisters and friends….

to only get
The Middle here…
Our Pillar…

hmmmm. (:




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