17 10 2012

And sometimes I wish I could paint
the picture of what really goes on
within the confines
of this soul.
The chaos and madness
that is swirling and twirling,
the glimpses of beauty
that leak through the cracks
and brokenness.
There are anchors of hope
and of darkness all in one.
They’re the weight in all the steps I take
right and wrong.
And as much as I fight it,
there is still His spirit within me
that can guide me.
Whether I ask or not,
I cannot hide from it,
from Him.
There is a movement in the Spirit
that can only speak for
None can fathom or fully
comprehend the craftiness
of His design.
But for this moment,
if only for a moment,
I’m thankful to receive your grace
and guidance in a way
I desperately need.
And this only proves to show
how far off my heart has




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