16 10 2012

My body aches.
Uncomfortable as I awake in this skin
with these bones.
I scratch the surface
knowing there is something more.
My bones ache from the lack of nourishment
of the black and white
bound by the brown leather earth
quietly tucked away
hidden and lost.
My soul longs for the springs
and restoration
that can be found.
If only my eyes would be opened
Readjusted and focused.

Walls have been built
and wide.
Wounds have re-opened
that I thought were long gone.
Fear and doubt have risen
like a wave in the
open seas strongest winds.

My focus has shifted
my skin has taken over.
I long to see the Light,
to know Your voice
and sit humbly before
Your throne.

I wrestle
between skin and bones
spirit and flesh.
Feeling lost and then
and wanting
but to be
lost in You.

Bring life
through the black and white.
As the waves of silk move,

I am
but dust.
From the dust I arose
to the dust I returned
only to arise from His blood
to the dust I will return
to forever be in Him.

Until then
I long to know
and to fight
against the flesh
and principalities of the
Through You,
victory has been
and will be found.





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