15 10 2012

Today I’ve been thinking
about that word.
My desire is to be a genuine person
in all I do.
I look back at my spiritual journey
and I wonder and question
and doubt if any of it was genuine
Was I pleasing people my
whole life just to fit into
all their different molds?
Because that is all I wanted.
Was to know affirmation
and to be loved,
so I did what I needed to to make
them happy.
And here I am.
No idea what I think or believe anymore.
No idea where I am going
and who I really am.
It is another season of
wandering and questioning
walking the barrenness.
I almost want to do it alone
because I feel completely
My thinking seems to be invalid
most of the times
but for once,
I am going to be me.
Be honest and raw with my thinking
and my heart and the hurt.
I’m tired of people blowing it off.
So I keep my words minimal
and quiet.
I’ll keep from the judgment
and continue to walk slowly,
dragging my feet along the dirt
with these steps going nowhere.





One response

16 10 2012

You ARE loved…but will you ALLOW yourself to know and enjoy it?

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 11:47 AM, Talitha Koum

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