13 10 2012

Tonight I sit and wonder,
Does God get sick of the prodigal
playing the role of the prodigal?
Coming and going as he pleases.
Flip flopping from a cold stone heart
to repentance,
back and forth.
The teeter-totter of the unending
seems to be weighing their scales
in my life constantly…


Sometimes I feel like the blessings end
because my faith has diminished to almost nothing.
My faithfulness is not very strong
and it seems like it all kind of is wasting away right now.




2 responses

13 10 2012

The Holy Spirit doles out Faith. Have you prayed for some lately? I am praying for you now.

Be careful, though. Some times while we wait for God’s action, we neglect to take any ourselves. It’s called complacency. We want God to do all the work while we sit and wait for Him to do so. Some times, God’s first action is the same as our own.

James 2:26.

15 10 2012

Hey Joe…. I feel like I’ve waited a long time and prayed a lot and tried the things I’m supposed to do in that waiting season which tends to range from many different things, but…. i guess my mind and heart are a little too burnt out for everything. I suppose I’m pretty bummed that I feel like my faith is nothing but wandering around and sometimes getting ‘a-ha’ moments. Maybe this is normal, but I don’t think so. lol

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