Thank you.

12 10 2012

I am thankful for those who
are very much in my life these days.
I would rather be surrounded by a few
deep souls,
than tons of surface people.
Tonight I was shown love in a
very particular way.

One of my biggest love languages
is definitely through words.
I need affirmation,
I need to hear and be reminded
again and again
the reasons why I am loved
and the good that people see in me.

Thank you Aj,
for always listening and knowing
by the way I talk
who my good friends are.
Thank you for noticing the love
and effort I put into people’s
gifts constantly….
too often I feel it goes so unnoticed,
but I continue to do it.
Thank you for having people
write words for me to look at later,
and for all of you hand-crafting something.
You really are a wonderful
big sista,
and I’m so glad you’re mine!
You are a beautiful sister
wife and now mama.
You do so much,
and I never say thank you enough
for all the work that you do in our home.
Thank you for letting me move in
and love on the beebug.
I am excited for the next few years ahead,
and who would have known I would
have landed in your home and wanted to
stay this long! I’m excited for our
future dreams together if the rest of the family
would hop on board already.
(And thank you for the wine. ha).

Thank you to my lovely
lady friends. I seriously love and
adore each of you in such unique ways.
I was so happy to see my worlds
‘collide’. I always want all my friends
from my different worlds to hang out,
and I am glad it was an easy going night.
As I sat there surrounded by some
pretty darn awesome and beautiful women,
I thought to myself ‘man, I have a great
judge of character when it comes to choosing
my friends…..’

I love y’all.
Thank you for loving me deeply through
this very difficult season that I am
dragging my feet through.
Thank you for your constant words of
love and encouragement
and the listening ears,
and for allowing my tears to fill
your shoulders and laps these days.
Thank you for playing with my hair,
thank you for the soft prayers,
and the ones that I never hear;
for I believe I have an army fighting
for me in this time when I feel like I can’t.
Thank you for believing in me,
and for trusting me with your children;
for they also are a big part of my healing.
Thank you for pursuing me
and chasing after me even as I run away
when I feel hurt or confused.
Thank you for loving me….
my heart is in desperate need of it these days,
and I hope to one day be able to repay
all those who love me through this time.

Cheers to the next twenty-five years*

photo snipe by Liga Mullins)




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