28 09 2012

And today I want to rant
about a little something
that will mean nothing to you.

I turn 25 in a couple of weeks.
I might be freaking out.
I could have very possibly written a post
ranting about how great my 25th year
would be,
but as it seems to come closer,
I am freaking out a bit.

A quarter of a century of life,
and I feel like I have nothing accomplished.
I’m still utterly broken.
I have a life full of the consequences of quitting.
Six years of college- no degree.
No boyfriend- no husband-no family.
I am not a home-owner.
I’m still a freaking server….

I don’t know.
I seriously sit back and think
“what have I done with this life?”

And nothing comes to mind.

I’ve wandered.
I’ve been lost.
I search and search
I seem to continuously be confused about everything.
I move.
I burn a ton of bridges everywhere I go.
I break a lot of friendships.
I break my own heart into a million pieces…

I am not looking forward to my birthday.
I’ve always hated my birthday,
but this year… yeah.
This year will be no different…

Keep all the happy comments to yourself on this one.




One response

5 10 2012

Have you ever thought that you maybe you are where you are and that you are doing what you are doing for a reason beyond what you can comprehend? The people to whom you serve food deserve Jesus, too, don’t they?

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