27 09 2012

I want to believe
in the power of words.
There was a power of words that
tore me down
and tied many anchors
to the tiny soul that was growing…
weighing it down
and the older I got,
the deeper those words sank
and became real.

I want to believe
in the power of prayer.
Prayers are words formed,
to the Creator and lover
of all things.
Prayers were prayed
that brought life into my being
as a tiny babe
when life had already been
taken from me.
Prayers were answered then,
and if He truly is the same as
then these lost words
will hopefully find their way
to The Giver of life.

I want to believe in freedom.
For freedom,
I have tasted
and I have seen;
and I know that it is good.
Freedom is possible and real
if only I have experienced it
during tiny fragments
of life.

I want to believe in the Light.
The power of speaking just
His name,
can make the darkness flee
from me.
Light allows for the grip
of the chains to loosen.
Light brings a whole-ness
that darkness cannot comprehend.
Darkness is the hole.

Deep down,
I know these truths.
They also are anchors
to my soul.
The weight of the truth
and lies
is far greater than I can explain.
But as the scales are weighed,
I know that words will win,
the truth over the lies.
Prayer will be a great tool
for the fight onto victory.
And when freedom is found,
I will be living a life in
the beauty of light….

This is just the way my battle has been chosen,
and I must continue to
fight on dear child,
fight on.

You must continue
to seek after the Light…





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