Loose Ends.

24 08 2012

Right now I feel that there are so many loose ends everywhere.
My heart is attached to so many people
in so many different places.

I would say I’m a pretty darn good communicator.
I do what I can to keep in touch with people
and as the years continue to number on,
time continues to strengthen the void between
me and all the loose ends that hang from my heart.

I am pretty tired of trying so very hard to keep up with people
because I simply care for them.
Trying to ask the hard questions,
trying to understand their daily routines and lives.
Trying to hear where their hearts have been,
and where they tend to find their heart now.

Some have been broken,
some have totally lost their way,
and others have found something unexplainable.
They radiate a sweetness about them
and I can see a difference.
But I want to read the words of their hearts.
I want to hear about the changes that have been made,
and I just want to be a part of it all.

I think that’s why I enjoy not being on Facebook.
I get tired of being reminded of all these people I seriously
and deeply love and care for, and I reach out
trying to constantly communicate and be in touch…
and there are nothing but empty responses.

Actually, no responses at all.

My heart is heavy for a million reasons,
but right now it’s heavy because
I’m tired of trying and trying and trying
because I care so deeply
and not having any responses back.
I understand it is not because people don’t love me
or anything like that,
but it is because everyone is just ‘busy’…

I am sorry that my busyness never keeps me from
constantly trying to stay connected.
My heart is too tender to continue this.

So I will probably be deleting my fboo again soon.
Which will make me super happy again
and I won’t have a weight on me that
constantly battles and wonders if I have done
something wrong for coming up with so many
‘no responses’….




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