22 08 2012

Right now I feel uncomfortable in my own skin.
I squirm and flinch because everything hurts
and now there is no turning back,
no hiding anymore.

Talitha Koum…

He is calling me out.
Out of the where this little girl has found a safe hiding place,
that really,
is not safe at all.
It is miserable and painful,
dark and heavy
lonely and yet still comfortable…

Talitha Koum…

He is bringing more hands than I know what to do with
to help be His hand and to help pick me up,
to help the little girl rise who
feels like the chains will never be lose.

The dawn is rising,
Talitha Koum….

The darkness will be no more
when truth comes to battle.

Talitha Koum…
Talitha Koum…


“Little girl, I say to you, get up……..”





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