21 08 2012

I am a lover to the core of my being.
Many don’t take the time to see it.
But some do.

I will let you know…

I will love till I can’t anymore
but I will also fight till I can’t anymore.
I will run to you
and I will run like hell away from you.
Every time I get insecure,
I’ll build up a brick.
Every time you draw me in,
I will take two down.
I will be point-blank honest,
But sometimes I will totally lie.
I listen to every.single.word.
But it will take so.much.time.
To really let it sink in.
I will respect you
Your time
Your space
Your littles.
I will pour into them because I love them
and I believe in the environment you are creating for them.
I will give and I will take,
but always give back.
I will want you
I will need you
But I will not solely depend on you.
And you will have to remind me of that.
I have patience in relationships that I don’t know where it comes from.
I am loyal
and not terrible at forgiving.
As long as there is a reason;
Which usually tends to be a miscommunication.
I will fight you
I will resist you
But I need you to fight for me.
Prove to me with your actions that they really do match your words.
I hear your hearts
But this heart needs proof now.
(thank those who have come before you).
Looking through brokenness means
Having a vision that is not always so clear.
Jesus is stirring a current of community
and being in the current isn’t always easy
or beautiful…. but I am more than willing to work through it all.
And most of all, I want to know you.
I want the details of the mundane.
I want the details of the past and present.
I don’t always ask the questions I want,
But tell me anyway.
I want to know what makes you tick
What makes your heart beat.
What makes you laugh and smile
And what makes you feel loved.
What makes you angry or breaks you
(so I don’t do that).
What makes you annoyed
and what are your quirks.
What are your favorites (of every category).
I want to help be built into this net of safety,
Not just for me
But for you
And the little hearts that are just as involved
and that are already knitting closely with mine.

You’ve made it clear
There is no turning back
And it sounds like we can all be stubborn in love.

No more flying solo…

*Cheers to the long haul…..




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