18 08 2012

I feel like I write a lot about tension
or darkness
or confusion
or my lack of sleep…

I guess that is just where I am.

And today tension within the barriers of my soul are pulling.
I can feel it… I know I am told all the time to stop going about
life based off of my feelings…

but some things you just need to feel.

I am wired a specific way, and I’m tired of being told that my wiring is wrong
and that I need to fix it…
I have enough issues of trying to understand why I am the way I am,
And I just need to find a little more balance… but not completely
shut down who I am.

Fight on I will….

There is a tug and a pull
this tension makes me feel like a fool.
I crash and I burn
It doesn’t matter which way I turn.
I trip and I fall
When is the end of it all?
I strive and I run
To and from
The One who can ease the pain
Dear Lord, this journey is not traveled in vain.
Contradictions and calamities
Are nothing short of my worst enemies.
Confusion whirls about my mind
Oh Jesus, the truth I need to find.

Captain of the sea Oh, Captain of the sea
You calm the raging seas
Captain of the sea Oh, Captain of the sea
Would you like to come and calm
The raging seas in me…






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