15 08 2012

I am beginning to find my place again
in the church.
I tend to wander and church-hop
or never fully commit.
I question
I doubt
I argue and fight
because I usually come to the body
out of being broken or hurt
by another body.
But I always come back.

That’s the beautiful thing about Jesus.
I know in my heart and mind
that I can run like Jonah did
or like the prodigal son…

But I will always find my way back,
longing for the body (Him) and
to be surrounded by people,
[other broken people]
who are doing the same thing.

We gather ’round
dirty hands and broken hearts,
and lift up our arms with the strength we have
and together we sing
songs of praises and whisper desperate prayers.
Encouragement and affirmation
flow from our lips
as we carry each other eighteen miles…
and sometimes longer.

We nudge each other to the table
and hold hands to break bread.
As we do, we recognize our sinful state
our brokenness
but that He has already taken all of it.
He knows the deep places in our hearts,
and He still took it all….

And I will continue to think of this line
that I wrote a few weeks ago,
that may end up in quite a few posts…

“I want to learn to love again,
It’s an old rhythm I used to know,
and I can hear the hum rising up again.”




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