15 08 2012

It has been exactly a year this week
since I left the greatest state on earth
and moved to a  dinky tiny town
up North.

It was one of the bigger moves
I have ever made,
and I was so so excited.
This past year came with  a lot of loss
and now I am beginning to see
the beauty in a heart that has
lost so so much in such little time.

The gain is that much more rewarding
later on
but seems to be so much more challenging
to accept and to allow people in.
But it is good.
I allowed a year of basically
shutting people out slowly
and just doing things on my own.
But I am glad my heart is waking up again.

The buzz around town is how our family
can’t seem to sit still for too long.
I feel like a lot of people ask if I’m
‘sticking around’.
Such a small town phrase I really like it.

And my answer is yes actually.
I never would have guessed it!
I thought I’d be packed up and
headed to Chicago to live a more
exciting life.
But when you throw a baby in the mix,
It can be a little harder to just walk away
(my niece, not mine haha).

People always say it takes a least a year
until you really get settled in and
get a rhythm down when you move.
And hello one-year.
You could not have showed up at a better time.
When the end was in sight
and I was ready to leave…
I can see the good that can come from this
these people and their families.

I am excited. I could burst with joy,
but I am learning to not run so far ahead,
soak it in for now,
be cautious
but definitely soak it in….





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