10 08 2012

I have written a few posts on perspective. I tried to find them
somewhere in the archives of the six years of
writing here.

Unfortunately I did not find them. They are somewhere though.
God has taken me through several seasons of focusing on
what my perspective is.

Right now I am trying to breathe in the new perspective
of how God is moving and working here.

Working in my heart,
my mind,
my community,
our family
and my church.

I feel like right now,
it’s okay to breathe.
It’s okay to soak in this
fresh teaching
and the perspective of people

I said a few weeks ago,

“I want to learn to love again,
It’s an old rhythm I used to know,
and I can hear the hum rising up again.”

God is shifting things around a bit.
Bringing people into my life,
and gently allowing others to
move in a different direction.

All that the Lord does is good.
I want to see that during this process
and soak in His goodness
and graciousness in my life…

Jesus, allow my pride to fall
and humble my heart.
Open my eyes to the good
works of your hands in my life
and those around me.




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