30 07 2012

Today I was chatting with a friend. I randomly told her I don’t do communion because I feel like I’m living in sin.

The more I think about this… aren’t we all?

I have this crazy wall up right now between me and God… and I just realized it is because… I totally feel un-invited.

Like, this table is open to everyone but me, because I’m ‘living in sin’.

Is it?

Sin is sin right? Whether addiction or heart issues, it’s all the same?

I’ve heard people call sin ‘habitual sin’. When your sin becomes a habit, and they refer ‘that kind’ to addictions. But if
there are heart problems like: unforgiveness, anger, jealousy, idolatry… I’m pretty sure those aren’t one time sins. Those
are issues you have to continuously work on.

Moment by moment.

All this time, I’ve been so terrified to approach ‘the Lord’s table’ because I feel un-invited. Like He doesn’t
want me there.

I have so many different ideas or theologies stuck in my mind that continuously swirl about and confuse me.

I talk myself in and out of things constantly.

It is a constant battle really.

Jesus, if you’re going to invite me
it’s gotta be pretty darn clear.

This is one thing I need to know.
Not just have someone tell me because it’s the nice ‘christian’-thing to do.
(or because they read this).

This would probably help me make that
big step in the right direction.

I am open for an invitation… to come and just…


… who gets this tally?





One response

31 07 2012
Kate S

interesting thoughts Dre! I love your honesty : )

We know from reading through the gospels that Jesus’ disciples did not understand His purpose. They didn’t understand what God’s plan was in sending Jesus to the world. Luke 22 tells us that almost immediately after when Jesus did communion for the first time… the disciples started arguing about who was the greatest (again!) I think if Jesus was going to say “you know what? never mind, you’re not welcome at my table” it would be the disciples. But He didn’t say that. In fact, if you read I Corinthians 11 it seems like communion is a command. Twice in verses 24 &25 Jesus says “do this in remembrance of Me.” In I Cor. 11, Paul addresses the church there and is telling them basically you’re not doing communion the way you should, you’re sinning and dishonoring God in the way you come to the table. But he doesn’t say “forget it, you’re not worthy” instead he instructs them on how they should conduct themselves so that they honor God.

Communion is about examining yourself before the Lord. Seeing the areas where you have failed (there will *always* be areas of failure), confession & repentance, praising Him for victories, thanking Him for His grace in your life and committing yourself to following Him. Study what communion is all about in the Bible as well as from books by trusted Christian authors.

For me…. after I do the above things, I pray something like “Lord thank you for this bread which symbolizes your body which was broken for me, because of my sin. Thank you for this cup which symbolizes your blood which was shed for me to make me clean and wash away *all* my sins.” (You definitely don’t have to follow that, I’m just telling you the spirit in which I take communion). I hope this helps Dre. I pray that this helps. Send me a message and we can talk about it more if you want.

Finally, read James 4:8, the first part especially is a promise and the Lord is always faithful to keep His promises.

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