20 07 2012

This week I feel the tension of my heart.
Spread thinly across so many cities and countries.
A little piece of me (hopefully) carried inside and
beating closely within the hearts of dear friends.

I hold their beats too you know.
So very closely to my own.
My mind thinks and wonders
How is it so possible to fall in love with people
Time and time again.
How does my heart have room for ‘just one more’?

Sometimes I think my heart does not.
That is probably why this past year,
My heart has been at a stop.
A complete stand-still.
I haven’t pursued friendships and relationships
Like I normally,
Relentlessly do.

But my heart is ready to beat again.

To love another
and learn how to receive love.
To give of myself time and time again
no matter what is in it for me.

To stretch out my arms wide open
and to learn to be silent when
The time comes.

I want to learn to love again,
It’s an old rhythm I used to know,
And I can hear the hum rising up again.





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