19 07 2012

Sitting with two of my four friends in Canton
crocheting and knitting away.

They’ve just met and it’s one of those moments where my two worlds

I love when friends of mine meet and become friends.
It helps the circles become full and to close in.

Both are about my age
One is married (6 yrs) with a sweet two year old and one on the way.

The other is getting married in a little under a month.

And I’m single.

I think it is neat how we are all three in completely different places
but willing to meet together once a week to learn and love each other.
To be there to encourage through those desert storms that seem to be
common in some sort of fashion in all our lives.

Carrying each other those 18 miles…
I’m willing to do that for you K and J.
To love you in this season even when I don’t have much to give at this time,
I will give what I can.

I’m excited for our little group that is starting and I hope
and pray that it becomes a safe place for our hearts to rest.

And this is how the body should be.
Living day in and day out together.
Carrying each other to the cross…





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