17 07 2012

Hmmm…. I just wrote an entire post of this salty season I seem to be caught up in.

But out of feeling a little too vulnerable and self-conscious. I had to delete it.

I will continue to sit silently and continue to soak in the ways the Lord is woo-ing me.

I have seasons of woo-ing. Of my Heavenly Creator calling out to me to come back… gently
trying to reassure me He isn’t angry.

As my pastor said on Sunday… “Haggai 1:5-9. “You’re looking in all these areas, you’re looking at all these things and people around you and you’re looking in yourself…. you’re spinning and spinning your wheels and nothing is happening and God in a very loving way is saying ‘How’s that working out for ya?’ (vs 7… ‘Give careful thought to your ways…)” Then he talks about Haggai 2:4-5;9 and talking about how God’s glory is so much greater in the restoration and in the rebuilding. The way He rebuilds is always greater than before.

As I continue to ask this question “How’s that working out for ya?” … knowing far too well the answer… I will sit here and wait.

And as I sit and wait so silently… the words cannot form out of my mouth, but
my heart so desperately wants to say it…

Oh Lord, please light the fire,

That once burned bright and clear.

Replace the lamp of my first love,

That burns with Holy fear.


And when my lips can utter those desperate words,
it will be a beautiful, painful and freeing thing all at once.




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