Bella Joy.

12 07 2012

My sweeeeeet little niece finally made her way into the world!!! I am so excited. I cried when I met her.

That’s what Aunties do you know.

She is beautiful. Unless you know her parents, you wouldn’t be able to tell but she totally already looks like Ryan! But has Adrienne’s smile. It’s the weirdest thing. Usually the day they’re born you can’t always see those traits, but it’s weird that you can with her! I love her dark hair, and her little shrieking cry. (I’m not sure how long I’ll love that), but with newborns, it’s so cute.

Bella Joy, we are so happy you are here and that God made you exactly how he did. I am so thankful that you are here and healthy and that God gave you to your mama and papa. We are all so blessed to have you, and I look forward to being your Auntie! I love you so so so much and look forward to watching you learn and grow. I hope that you fall in love with the One who Created all that you are….

I love you always always sweet Bee,

love Auntie Drea






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