30 06 2012

When shit hits the fan,
how are you gonna respond?

Excuse the language, but sometimes you just gotta say it.
And I don’t believe it makes me less of a Christian.
God knows my heart.

Well, this week that’s exactly what happened.
I don’t understand where I’m at anymore.
I don’t understand what I’m to do.
I have twelve different perspectives all shedding
light on different things.
And it’s only confusing.
I could totally sit down and lay all this before Jesus,
but the strength to even do that
just isn’t there.
I don’t even have the strength to ask Jesus to come,
come shed some light.
Come mark a way that is so very clear for this heart.

I have felt the love of the world poured into me this week,
through old friendships.
Which makes this all that much harder.
I want to make everyone happy,
but I feel like in some way,
someone will get hurt if I choose a way different
from their thinking.

The people involved right now are all
godly people whom I love and respect so much,
but we all think differently.
So sometimes it’s hard to decide what’s best.

So for now,
as shit hits the fan,
I’m gonna keep swinging….
and trust that a miracle will happen
sooner or later.
And trust that the God who has graciously brought
me this far,
won’t ditch me now.
I hope in His promises that His love is
and so very merciful.





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