Well said.

21 06 2012

I read a post today from another blogger that sparked my attention. We have the common love for [South] Africa. I randomly found her a while back and have been following her for a few years. If you have not read Alece’s story (also known as grit and glory), I highly recommend it. It is heart-breaking but absolutely amazing because of how Christ is the center of it all.

For those of you who have read on my blog before, I long deeply for community, but the fight to get it gets so tough. I loved her post today and you can read it here.

As I venture off tonight to try a new church/small group, my insecurities rise along with my desire to find a group of people. People that I can share a common bond with that is centered around Christ and that I will hopefully be able to ‘live’ more so in community…

*Here’s to another round folks….

Another round of vulnerability
another round of putting myself out there
another round of risk
another round of the possibility of
something I so desperately long for…





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