20 06 2012

As a kid I had a hard time sleeping.

I would crawl into my sisters bed after laying awake feeling alone,
and feeling that spiders were crawling all over me.

I would be itching and rubbing my entire body
feeling so paranoid that I had spiders in my bed.

Here I am,
20-ish years later,
still doing the same thing.

But I have no other bed to sneak into.
I have no sister to wake up
and tell her there were spiders in my bed again,
and she needed to move over.

Sometimes it’s things like these that make me
feel like I’m ‘super-weird’ or kind of pyscho.

About a month ago,
I woke up in the middle of the night,
digging in my ear,
completely SURE that a spider had crawled into my ear.
I was so terrified and paranoid that I almost woke up
my brother in law to take me to the emergency room.

I can’t believe I’m sharing this,
but this is it.
This is just another part of me.
Another reason why I cannot seem to sleep at night.

I just have these weird things about me.
They make up who I am.
Make fun of me,
don’t like me,
I honestly do not care.

The way I look at it;

Weird people will have less to hide in heaven.




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