9 06 2012

I find it really hard to have joy
for my friends as they are ‘progressing’
or rather,
moving into new seasons in life.

I sit feeling a little ‘vacant’.

I have no goals set.
I have no plans in mind.
I have no man.
No one in mind for that matter.
I barely have friends where I live.
I do not have  a church.

I work.
I work out.

That is honestly the basis
of my pitiful little life.

But as I continue on,
I will try and remind my little heart


At this moment in time…
I do not think it.
I do not feel it.
I do not necessarily see it…

But just as I cannot grasp
The reason why a God who created the
stars and heavens,
the earth and seas,
animals and beings…
The God who is the only one who will hold
Pure and righteous justice, anger and love…

That God,
so intricately built me,
and sent His Son
to stand in my place
for my selfish,
and pitiful heart
so that one day,
when this fleeting life
has come and gone…

I will forever be with Him.
And that makes Him enough.

That should give me joy.
That should give you joy…




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