18 05 2012

I struggle with night time a lot. Not ‘I’m afraid of the dark’ kind of night time. But more… my mind won’t shut down and I wrestle and wrestle with my heart. I think about so many things and how much I need to do. I think of all the things I do wrong and it just spirals down so fast and so quickly.

Last week was an intense and stretching week. Spiritual attack was pretty crazy. This week I had a really awesome conversation with a friend.

But light… I love light. My friend and I discussed light vs. darkness. Light is one of those quirky things that I love. I don’t just love it, I long for it. Just like I love trees and love the analogy of what a tree is like and how they grow and what they produce and how it is used in the Bible (Psalm 1; Jeremiah 17:7-8)

Jesus is light. Therefore I long for Him.

In the evenings I long for light; for Jesus because I want the darkness to be gone. ‘When I speak your name, darkness flees…’

Now that spring is here, the sun seems to be around more. A whole lot more than we had during our winter. No more gray skies, but rather this vibrant and beautiful light wakes me up in the mornings. Every day it peeks through my windows…

And every morning that I wake up, my heart is deeply thankful to Jesus. Thankful that I serve a God of faithfulness. No matter what.

‘His mercies are new every morning…’ and how evident and beautiful it is to me these days.

When my nights seem hard, long and tiring… I wake up every morning (that is a blessing you know), and as I walk across my wooden floors, I choose to walk over where the light is…

And the warmth is healing to my soul. The warmth brings His promises into a physical sense…

The warmth is a physical reminder that his promises are true… as true as the warm sun that I stand on…

Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness and the promises you give to those who choose to love you and love your law… thank you being faithful to people who are not always so faithful to you… thank you for continuing to love me.

Every morning with the warmth of your love.





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