12 05 2012

I heard back from a job that I’ve been looking into a little bit. Unfortunately, the pre-job interview is in two days, and there was no way I could travel allllll the way to…


I am a little bummed, but got back with them and asked if there is another time that would be available, because this is just too short notice to be traveling so far.

The job would be awesome though. Two weeks on, then two weeks off.

Basically, it is taking troubled teens out into the wilderness and working with them. You hike between 5-10 miles a day and then camp out. You work with the teens in small groups
and help them learn to deal with their problems.

This is something random you can learn about me.

Idaho has been a quirky dream of mine. ha. I know.

I have always had this super weird dream to move away from all that I know, and cut off all ties for an entire year.
Learn to see what it is like to be on your own completely and see what would become of myself.
Then in a year, I would let people know where I’ve been.

I do not know why that has been such an intriguing dream of mine, but it is.

And I always thought if I would move to where no one would know me, and no one would know where I was
it would have been Idaho….

Just a fun fact about me.

Hopefully I will hear back about another seminar…. I really would like this job.




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