11 05 2012

I am excited to say I am starting my running back up! It is so tough, but so good for me. 

I enjoy drinking homemade smoothies after my run or PB&J sandwiches. 

I started running because my friend needed a fifth person for their relay marathon team. They needed someone to do the 6.9m leg. So I said sure! 

So far I’m up to three miles (this is only my third run) and my timing isn’t great, but we are doing it just for fun! So I’m already halfway there and have four more weeks to train. 

Our team name has the number one favored name that has entered we are team ‘i could be sleeping’. It is a perfect name for our team because I think we all sleep in a lot. ha. 

I’m excited for this! The new weather makes it quite enjoyable as well. 

Go team I could be sleeping!




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