27 04 2012

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself…” Matthew 6:34

Ah, yes.

Trying to really cling to this. Because tomorrow is quite a big day for me. My sister is an awesome photographer, you should check her stuff out.

Tomorrow I have the privilege of being her ‘side-shooter’, and photographing at my first wedding. Can you say, holy-freaking-cow?!

I’m just slightly okay really really freaking nervous about it. I am super excited about this opportunity, but confidence has not been known to run through my veins…. really ever.

*sigh. I’m excited, and I hope that I can just go out there and be confident. Knowing that my sister is *thankfully, handling most of the bigger things, and there’s really only one part of the time that I’ll be on my own trying to stay afloat.

Maybe this will be the door I’ve been waiting for, as I slowly step into it, I hope I find joy in doing it, and maybe this is my niche. I guess we shall see.

Please please pray for me tomorrow if you think about it. I would so greatly appreciate your prayers! It’ll be from 1pm- 9 or 10pm.

As I’m learning this week, and being reminded that Jesus does not set his children up to fail. He will see us through! Clinging to Him and my confidence in Him.




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