23 04 2012

Yep. Everything is in constant motion

God created everything
The earth and heavens
And all that is in and between
He created all beings
Creatures and life alike
He created all opposites
Day and night
Dark and light
Land and sky
Earth and sea

He created our souls
And all that longs
And loves within

He pursues those
He loves and
Who love in return
With not only their lips
But their lives and hearts

He loves even through
Our deepest hurts
Questions and doubts
He loves through the joy
And victorious shouts

He pursues

He is in a constant motion
Of pursuing and perfecting
Restoring, rejoicing,
Renewing, strengthening
And sustaining the empty

And one day
He WILL be back
He will take us home
There is joy and a hope
That is found nowhere
Except in the center of
His will


Till Kingdom Come…




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