19 04 2012

Today a friend reminded me that I’m growing. And she can see it, and is super encouraged. I think I needed to hear it. I feel like I’ve been stuck for a while, and do not see as much growth, because I see all the junk, and sometimes focus too much on the ‘junk’, and don’t see the good things the Lord is doing in my life. The kinks He seems to be so faithful to working out in this bent-and-beat-up heart.

I love that our lives are a in a constant motion of progress. We don’t always feel or see it… but God is so incredibly faithful in working in the hearts of those who love Him. Those whose desire is to truly please, love and serve Him. It is comforting to know and remember Phil 1:6… that He will complete us on the day of Jesus Christ… and He is faithful with us until then!

He’s not gonna leave me hanging out to dry.
He’s not walking away.
He hasn’t (thankfully) ‘finished’ with me.
He has a plan.
He has a purpose.
He totally loves me….

I need to be in a state of constant reminder of the good things He has and is doing! Which eventually turns into gratitude…




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