16 04 2012

If you know me, you know (well you might not) that I am pretty bad with discipline in my life. I am a very incredibly forgetful person. I do not hold tight to things to help myself instill discipline. But what is so crazy is… I need to have a schedule. That’s the only way I can function; a rhythm and routine in life help my sanity. 

Today, I was supposed to get up early and go for a morning run. Instead, I chose to stay up till 1:30 with friends, and come home super late. I still woke up early, but didn’t really get out of bed. Thankfully I don’t work this morning, so I have plenty of time to make that run. I know once I get into the rhythm of running again, I’m going to love it! It is just a matter of getting there…. 

I’m also starting a routine for quiet times. Being thrown back into a secular circle has made me realize how much more desperate I am for grace, and for God’s strength to remain strong and pure amidst my co-workers. Last night we were at a bar because one of our co-workers was playing. I don’t mind going to those places, and I never get wild and crazy like most of them…. but I kept thinking… “this doesn’t fit with who I am… this, this is affecting me…” so I slipped out the door after my buddy played a few songs. I did not go because I wanted to “fit in”, because quite frankly, I don’t fit in with them. I have a standard for my life that is very different from theirs. I went to enjoy getting to know them a little bit more; which I did… but I also think I need to watch where I allow my feet to go. I prayed and prayed over my day before I went, and prayed and prayed that the Lord would protect me, and help me from any temptation that would come. Which it did, and He answered! 

Sometimes it’s easier to slip back into the ‘world-ly dance’… to do the things they do, because it’s ‘fun’… but I have chosen a higher standard for my life, that is set apart. And I am no longer one to allow myself to go below that standard… I want to live my life for Christ, and I want to do it well

And that is why I need all these new disciplines in my life to be instilled even deeper…. and I guess I’ll stop procrastinating, and get up and run. ha.




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19 04 2012

Proud of you following Jesus! Love you!

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