13 04 2012

I’m back in “good ole Canton, good ole Canton…” as I told my dad. Nothin’ new. Everything’s just as I left it. Same people, same small town. Same small talk. Same friends, work… not much has changed. I guess it can be all comforting and disappointing at once. 

Comforting, that I haven’t missed much, cause much doesn’t happen in small towns ya know. Disappointing that… well much doesn’t happen in small towns. ha. 

Praying as I slip (quite easily and naturally) back into the Canton groove, praying for grace. An abundance of it. Praying for intentionality with friends here. People that I want to share Christ with, and intentionality with my Believer friends here. Being intentional of the way I carry myself, as I represent my life as one who is living for Christ and trying to give him the glory and not make my own. Praying for intentionality as I want to grow deeper with the sweet group of girls that I have made friends with here. That we can learn to live and love what ‘community’ means and is. What that looks like, because all communities you know, are quite different and function in many different ways. And also praying to begin an intentionality with discipline. Discipline with quiet times… waking up earlier to start off my days on the right foot: a cup of coffee and the Bible/journal. (I’m not huge into journaling…) and also discipline to begin getting back in shape and getting healthy because the weather is beginning to feel quite nice up here in the North!

Intentional… this has always been one of my favorite words, and continues to resonate with my heart…




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