On a Quiet Eve.

22 01 2012

Tonight, I wish I could capture this evening. Capture it in either a perfect photo or capture it with words that could articulate or paint the essence of this moment in time.

As I sit, tucked away under my sea of blankets, the two pups at my feet (they sit on them to keep them warm), one snoring away and the other just slightly breathing…. for one of the first times in probably a few weeks,

My heart is quiet.
At ease.

The snow is falling heavily, yet still so quietly. For this southern heart, it is hard to describe such a thing. You know, rain makes a beautiful noise as it falls and you hear the pitter-patter on the windows and roof, and I have always been a lover of rain; but snow, this is so different and so beautiful. It is late late into the evening, and here I am sitting up in bed, just staring out the window for the last hour and a half. Seriously, in awe of what I am watching. The magic that is falling down as the rest of the town is snuggled away under layers of soft blankets, and sleeping sound.

The Northern winters do something that Southern winters do not do. There is something about how quiet the evenings seem and they become quiet so early. Maybe people are just so eager to get to their homes to cozy up and start their fires, hot drinks, and wind down. There is a stillness that rests upon the town when the snow comes.

As the evenings quiet down early, I have noticed, when you stand outside there is this… almost unreal, yet absolutely comforting and peaceful silence. As the snow builds up, it absorbs sound. You do not really hear cars coming and going, and when you walk, you only hear the sound of the snow between your boots.

This. Yes, this season, is becoming a little more breathe taking that I realized.

In the evenings, I am forced to quiet down, forced to be still. I am forced to face all that I run from by keeping busy with schedules and coffee dates…

And tonight, as I watch the snow fall so heavy as it builds a blanket for the earth, I remember my prayer; my prayer to be reminded of grace. As the layers of white build and build upon each other, I want to remember that God’s grace does the same. He continuously is giving me a new, clean slate.

I mess up, all the time. I am constantly sinning and frustrated about not changing. But just like the snow…

His love is quiet.
His love is gentle.
His love is soft.
His love falls heavy on us.

Soak it in Child…

I look forward to the mornings when I wake up and go straight to the window to gaze out on the untouched blanket of grace.The mornings are usually quiet just like the evenings. A perfect time to reflect about how I want to work on my day… a perfect time to get in the game with the Word. I am terrible at that habit, but I want to get better. I really do. As I look out at the beautiful morning snow, I am given the opportunity to start my day remembering that

His love is new.
Every morning.
Every moment.


And I can choose His love.
And not choose my sin.

It is my choice.




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