Food for Thought.

22 01 2012

“If you are hungry and thirsty for anything but Him, if you desire pleasures or power instead of him, you will never be satisfied…because He is loving. If He knows that He is the only source of true pleasure and satisfaction, then it would be unloving of Him to allow us to go on our merry ways, trying to satisfy ourselves without Him, knowing all the while that our lives will end in futility and despair.”

There is something that I find comforting about this, that I never thought about… but I also cannot pinpoint the reason why I scratch my head when i read this. I’m sure whatever it is, I’ve heard it a billion and one times, but for some reason, this kind of makes sense to me… but not fully. Yet.

It is kind of like… the last two years, I heard the gospel spoken to me a ton, but it didn’t resonate with me… and then a few months ago, it totally made sense…

I hope this is one of those things… where for a while, God will be working in my heart with this issue, and then… after so long, it’ll just click. I tend to wrestle things out a whole lot more than just believing. Probably not a good thing, but I guess it’s just how I work…





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