One Word- 3.6.5.

1 01 2012

So, as everyone knows, it’s the new year. It was fun chatting at work with some guys reminiscing and saying they were not scared this year of the earth blowing up, but next year could be it…

Makes me happy that my hope is in Christ…

Last year, I had been following closely with a fellow blogger-friend, Alece. I joined her, with countless others in her One Word challenge. Basically the challenge is to pick one word, and let that be your focus of the year. Last year, my word was perspective. As the year continued on, I kind of liked adding Eternal to perspective… because my heart and life changed when I gave it to Christ, therefore my perspective shifted and changed as well.

This year, I choose the word Respond.

I find that I am being challenged in my response to circumstances. I tend to respond out of my flesh rather than truly soak in the Bible and respond Biblically to things that come my way. I tend to get emotional and crazy and it takes a toll on me spiritually, because I am not choosing to respond through the eyes of Christ, and through His Word. This also challenges me to dig into the Word more than I do, because there is no way I can respond Biblically if I am not studying the Word and allowing it to root into my heart.

2011, you flew by. One of the craziest spiritual journeys I have ever been on. Thank you Jesus for saving me and giving me joy and an eternal perspective! That is what I will walk away with, from 2011. The most important decision was made.

And I welcome you 2012. I look forward to seeing my times of growth in my response to Christ. It is only by His grace…

What will your word be for the year?




One response

4 01 2012

Ooo…like I said on Twitter. I think this is awesome so focus on how you respond to life, to circumstances, to Him….especially on the heels of having His perspective. I love seeing the journey that He takes each of us on.

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