19 12 2011

This is my friend Emily. I met her years ago at a summer camp, and ended up moving to the same town when I went off to college. I became friends with their family and church, and she’s one of the very few that I keep in contact from there.

Emily has an incredibly precious heart. She is a deep thinker, she’s creative, loving and incredibly genuine. She probably has more thoughts that cross her mind than any other person I know, and she tries to keep up with them all, sometimes it is so funny to just sit and listen to her talk.

Britt (her husband) and Emily and their two little guys have been in the process of adoption for the last year or two. It has been so interesting following their story through all the aches and pains, and to really follow along with Emily’s heart. She is very raw and honest in what she thinks and feels. She is perfect in the way she can capture words on a page to perfectly fit exactly what she’s going through. There’s something about her writing that has always captivated me. I love reading it! When I read about Moise and Esther, I want to just be there with them. I want to watch them interact in the way she speaks. The way she gathers every moment and the smallest details and soaks them in…

I recently read this post, and just wanted to share their story. Be praying for the Sims as they are trying to adopt these two precious kiddos.

Catch up on their story, it’s quite unique and beautiful, and heart-wrenching all at once. I pray for the day when they can officially hug and hold and kiss their other two kids under their own roof in San Antonio… where they will have beds that are theirs, and can get to know Z and E, and to see the beautiful picture of adoption and the mix in their family….




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