17 12 2011

He climbs up the mountain
Gazing upon the valley below
He slips off his sandals
And there he bows before the Burning Bush

She walks into the room
All eyes stare with judgement
As she breaks her porcelain perfume
With hair worn down
She washes His feet
And she bows humbly
before the forgiver of all her sins

To the altar he went
Son tied down gazing into his eyes
Knife in midair
The Voice stops him
And he falls to his knees
With a heart of obedience to please
His Heavenly Father

She squeezes through the crowds
Pushed and ignored
She just wants to touch His robe
As her knees hit the dirt
She touches his cloak
For her faith is there indeed
She sits before the
Healer of her disease

Oh to have faith as a mustard seed
To find myself humbly weak
And knees bent before the
Throne of the King
Rise up within
Rise up within




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